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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Aug 21 21:49:30 EDT 2002

Hallie wrote

First wonderful one was _War for the Oaks_.  I'd 
never heard of Emma 
Bull before mentions here, but have been very 
actively searching for 
anything of hers since Dorian lent me _Falcon_, 
which I loved.  WftO 
was way up there on my short-list of favourite 
reads this year.

I like Emma Bull very much but I really don't
like Falcon. To me it seems like two different
stories squashed together. I've even read it
twice to make sure I didn't like it. The trouble
with discussing Bone Dance, of course, is the
spoiler about the spoiler, which I didn't realise
the first time round.

<)Then I found _Sky Coyote_, by Kage Baker, about

which I had recently 
asked, and which Melissa recommended.>

I liked this a lot too. 

< Next was _Crystal Sage_, by Kara Dalkey.  I
it enjoyable, but 
not hugely memorable.  Has anyone read her YA 
Water series?  Only the 
second and third were available in one bookshop, 
and only the third 
in another, and none second-hand, which was 

I think KD is a very uneven writer. I really
liked Steel Rose, which packs quite a punch(if
you haven't read this Hallie you must, it's a
kind of, um, counterpoint to War for the Oaks)
and, because of the title similarity, expected as
much from Crystal Sage only to find it couldn't
fight it's way out of a wet paper bag. It's notn
that I didn't like the book but it was just too
nice. Anyone read any of the Goa trilogy after
the first, which, sadly, didn't inspire me to buy
the rest. 


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