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Tue Aug 20 22:51:59 EDT 2002

I don't know whether this was mentioned, since I've just come back from a 2 
weeks vacation at Pennsic, but a co-worker sent me the following:
     12/20/01 BIG NEWS FROM PAT
     Caroline and I have just made a deal with Harcourt to reissue SORCERY 
AND CECELIA, probably in hardcover, spring 2003, followed by a sequel 
(tentatively titled THE GRAND TOUR), six to twelve months later.  I'm told 
we'll see contracts sometime in January, so I think you can add it to your 
news, if you want.

I just noticed the date on this ( from a Caroline Stevermer/Patricia Wrede 
home page....  anyway, we're getting closer to 2003..


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