F&H and retrospective magic

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>--- Kathleen Jennings <s368333 at student.uq.edu.au>
> > this apply to the laws of magic. Can magic operate
> > retrospectively?  It's
> > one thing to magically KNOW something that has
> > always been, but can someone,
> > at a definite point in time, CREATE something that
> > has always been?
>This reminds me of Neil Gaiman's story, "A Dream of a
>Thousand Cats" from the Sandman: Dreams Country
>graphic novel compilation.  It's about how cats used
>to rule the earth, until one day, a man started
>preaching to the humans about how, if they all dream
>the same dream, they can reshape the world.
>"So they dreamed the world into the form it is now?"
>"Not exactly .  They dreamed the world so it ALWAYS
>WAS the way it is now....They changed the universe
>from the beginning of all things, until the end of
>I don't have a problem with retroactive magic.  I feel
>like I should be able to come up with more examples,
>but I can't off the top of my head.

My favorite part of this story is the end "joke" - that if ever 1,000 cats 
dream the same dream at once, then they can reshape the world back to the 
way it was. The joke being that it's impossible to get 1,000 to do the same 
thing (herding cats and all). One of my favorite of Gaiman's great stories.


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