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Tue Aug 20 07:55:55 EDT 2002

Rebecca, quoting Dorian:

>>This is me in
>>costume at a Live Role-Playing Event last summer.  (Heading off >next
>>Thursday to the same event this year!)
> Okay, weird question...I know we've discussed this before, but how many
> people on the list RP.  I know *I'm* off to a Vampire LARP tonight, And
> Dorian just said she RPs and someone else (Deborah?) mentioned D&D before.
> So how many is it?  Those of you that do it, did you get introduced to the
> world of RPGs through fantasy?  If not do you feel they're connected?
> Anyone want to give an estimate on the percent of sf/f readers who
> role-play...or vice versa?

Well, I'll stand up as a representative of the other side.  I don't role-play.
I have had friends try and introduce me to D&D and related games, but when it
comes down to it, role-playing leaves me cold.  The games may be good games [1],
but it's the role playing that I don't like.  I'm uneasy when we're given roles
to play on training courses.  I suppose I just don't like suppressing my own

Anyone else get similar feelings?

(I would mention at this point that, as a Christian, I totally disagree with
that small number of other Christians who claim that RPGs are evil.  I think
they have misunderstood the nature of fantasy.)


[1]  The introductory material for a lot of D&D and AD&D stuff tells the story
of these games splitting away from war gaming because people didn't want to be
constrained to base their games on actual historical battles.  I have never war
gamed myself, but I don't see any such constraint in war gaming, and I find it
difficult to see what they're going on about.

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