F&H and retrospective magic

andrew osmond andrew at ozma.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 19 18:13:48 EDT 2002

Robyn Starkey <rohina at shaw.ca> writes

>I thought one of the cleverest things about the Dawn plotline was the 
>plausibility of the idea that she HAD existed all along, but wasn't an 
>important enough part of Buffy's life to be included in the show (that, and 
>being kept out of the way).
Hmmm. Having re-watched a lot of season 1 and 2 Buffy when it was
repeated on BBC2, I can't quite buy into that. Dawn just seems to to be
'absent' from too many pivotal events (many at the Summers home). And
remember, when she 'appears,' she knows everything about Buffy's slaying
activities, her love-life, she's acquainted with all Buffy's fellow-
andrew osmond
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