I Capture the Castle

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> Subject: Original version: I capture the castle
> Helen said:
> > Probably just as well that there was never a sequel to 
> > _Castle_, though the original version was much longer, and I 
> > would love to see it someday
> Welcome back, Helen!
> Could you explain what you mean by "the original version"? I only know of 
> one.

The one she wrote. It was cut way way down for publication. My guess is that 
the editor (I think it was the editor who said she should cut it) was 
perfectly right (since the finished product doesn't appear to be missing 
anything and its proportions are good, I think), but I would love to see all 
the extra bits. Don't even know if the original MS still exists, though.

I read about it in one of her autobiographical volumes, I think.

Helen Schinske
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