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Jon said...
> I quite enjoyed the first two books, I thought the
> usage of celtic folklore was quite well done, and the
> original elements - the shangwind (?) and the
> anti-gravity metal's good too, and those two didn't
> strike me as incongruent. It was the creeping
> Australianisms on top of those that jarred with me.

I haven't read them yet, but as the lady is a "graduate" of my writers'
workshop, I do intend to.  It's interesting to get other people's views on
the books in advance.

> I've just started reading "Household Gods" by
> Turtledove and Tarr which is looking promising, This
> is a historical novel, with a very minor fantasy
> element so far, in which a modern woman ends up in
> Roman times, The point seems to be that "the past is a
> foreign country - they do things differently there",
> so far the only book I've ever read that really
> captured this was Shogun.

I read that recently, and spent most of the book wanting to smack some sense
into the heroine.  Can anyone *really* be that ignorant of history, and so
stupid as to insist on applying their own standards to what is so obviously
a very different world?  In many ways, the book seemed to me to be a thinly
disguised social history lesson - though, when I wasn't wanting to smack the
heroine, a very interesting one.

I'll be interested to hear your reactions when you finish reading the book.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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