Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 19 07:41:05 EDT 2002

I quite enjoyed the first two books, I thought the
usage of celtic folklore was quite well done, and the
original elements - the shangwind (?) and the
anti-gravity metal's good too, and those two didn't
strike me as incongruent. It was the creeping
Australianisms on top of those that jarred with me.
Occasional references to Australian plants or animals,
or the use of a word that I always think of as Aussie,
"Tucker" is probably one, but perhaps some of these
words have celtic origins, many Australianisms do and
I haven't bothered checking. Even if the books end up
with logical explanation for these I doubt if that
will fix the problem. Still I'm looking forward to the
final volume. 
I've just started reading "Household Gods" by
Turtledove and Tarr which is looking promising, This
is a historical novel, with a very minor fantasy
element so far, in which a modern woman ends up in
Roman times, The point seems to be that "the past is a
foreign country - they do things differently there",
so far the only book I've ever read that really
captured this was Shogun. 
Then after that have another Aussie fantasy waiting.
The third of Sara Douglass's books about the Angels
set in the period that in our world was the 100 years
war but in her condensed history looks like being the
10 years war. One character is a combined Henry IV, V
and VI. This doesn't worry me at all as she can write
a novel set in our history without the reader knowing
what is going to happen to characters because it's not
exactly our history - just a very similer one that
ends up the same while taking a slightly diferent
route to get there.

Jon Noble

--- Kathryn Andersen <kat_lists at katspace.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 05:42:40PM +0000, mecha
> godscylla wrote:
> > 
> > Recently I read this author's "The Ill-Made Mute"
> and "The Lady of 
> > Sorrows." I enjoyed them a lot. Has anyone else
> read them?
> I read "The Ill-Made Mute" and found it... ill-made.
>  I just couldn't
> get into the universe; it felt like a patchwork of
> incompatible ideas,
> with the stitches still showing.  On the one hand,
> you had these nifty
> original ideas about things like the "ghost wind" (I
> forget its proper
> name, and I can't look it up since I don't have a
> copy to check any
> more) and things like the anti-gravity metal, which
> were cool and
> inventive, and, well, *scientific* -- and then you
> have all the
> Old-World Fay Folk tacked on to this, which have no
> rhyme or reason to
> them, and it just ended up feeling like a mish-mash.
>  No, I'm not saying
> that I object to Old-World Fay Folk and the mystery
> thereof -- that can
> be cool too.  But they're cool in a completely
> incompatible way.
> So it didn't work for me at all.
> And it didn't really help that I couldn't understand
> why she fell for
> Thorn either.
> Kathryn Andersen

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