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>>Thanks for the link to the essay on F&H and on Beauty&the beast - I've
deleted the email with the link in, so I can't thank you by name. Would
someone mind, if possible, forwarding that to me again, please?<<

That was me. It's my personal site.

>>One query, re Tom in effect giving Polly the ability to know things by
"making it up". He doesn't say this until the meeting in Bristol, but Polly
has always been able to know things, more or less instinctively, from very
early in the book.<<

Ah, but he AGREES to the fantasy stories that Polly comes up with. That's 
what sets them in motion. And gives Tom the impression that it is Polly who 
is doing it, when in fact it is HE who is facilitating their breakthroughs 
into Here Now. Plus, the two of them really are working on much the same wave 
length. Which enables her to make several quite genuine leaps to the truth 
without having to have them vetted by Tom first. Because these are things 
where she has simply jumped to the same conclusion that Tom also has even 
without consultation with him first. 

Of, course once he actually states this belief aloud, he locks it in solidly. 
>From Bristol on Polly really IS making free use of one of Laurel's gifts.
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