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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Aug 19 00:39:05 EDT 2002

I was a very active roleplayer (D&D mainly and some
other games that were around at the time such as
Traveller, Empire of the Petal Throne, Tunnels and
Trolls, Runequest etc.) many years ago. Especially
1975 - 1976. I think that I actually bought the first
set of Dungeons and Dragons ever sold in Australia.
I've done no RPGing now for about ten years, but both
my daughters are continuing the tradition, and go to a
D&D game most sundays. The kids at the school here are
pretty impressed with the fact that I have issue one
of both the Dragon and White Dwarf magazines.

I got into PRGs because it combined my existing love
of Fantasy with my existing interest in wargames,
especially Diplomacy. I had seen an ad for D&D in a US
SF magazine in 1975 and thought that looked
interesting enough to order, when the guy I'd been
buying wargames by mail order from opened a shop in
Sydney, he game all his mail order customers a gift
voucher, I used mine to purchase a 1st edition set of
D&D. He had imported three from the US to see how they
would go, and he was at the time the only person in Oz
to do so, I bought the first set and two days later a
friend of mine got the third, I actually met the guy
who'd bought the second at a party recently. The group
of us who met each week to play Diplomacy tried D&D
instead that weekend, and it just snowballed from
there. Most of the early players were from the Sydney
University Tolkien Society, with a smattering of
wargamers, other members of Sydney SF fandom and a few
computer science people who were very useful when it
came to programing the mainframe computer at Sydney
Uni to generate random characters (this was back in
the days when computers were rare beasts indeed). One
group of those players later went on to develop the
computer fantasy game Warlords, while another who was
famous for his sneaky duplicitious characters became a
spy. The computer science people gave up computers and
got into renaissance flute music.

Jon Noble

--- Rebecca Ganetzky <rganetzk at> wrote:
> Dorian
> >This is me in
> >costume at a Live Role-Playing Event last summer. 
> (Heading off >next
> >Thursday to the same event this year!)
> Okay, weird question...I know we've discussed this
> before, but how many 
> people on the list RP.  I know *I'm* off to a
> Vampire LARP tonight, And 
> Dorian just said she RPs and someone else (Deborah?)
> mentioned D&D before. 
> So how many is it?  Those of you that do it, did you
> get introduced to the 
> world of RPGs through fantasy?  If not do you feel
> they're connected?
> Anyone want to give an estimate on the percent of
> sf/f readers who 
> role-play...or vice versa?
> Rebecca D. Ganetzky
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