Ms Emma Comerford s369161 at
Sun Aug 18 19:39:48 EDT 2002

Rebecca: So how many is it? Those of you that do it, did you get 
introduced to the 
world of RPGs through fantasy? If not do you feel they're connected?
Anyone want to give an estimate on the percent of sf/f readers who 
role-play...or vice versa?

I've played AD&D with a group of firends for a few years and had 
tremendous fun. But I think much of the pleasure was from simply 
roleplaying itself rather than the fantasy setting (which often made me 
Before I met the DM of this group (who rarely reads) I didn't know 
anyone who roleplayed, including SF&F fans. Perhaps roleplaying is more 
common in the US? (where Melissa said she knew many friends had tried 

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