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Kathleen Jennings s368333 at
Sat Aug 17 07:34:46 EDT 2002

Sally wrote:
> My sister and I used to do it in our childhood, long before there were any
> groups. In fact, I don't think there are any organised groups round here.
> We had several alter egoes. Oddly, though, it wasn't "fantasy" RP; it was

Likewise. Mostly it was just the two of us - and usually yes, it was
fantasy: Robin Hood and his Merry Men in an overgrown Brisbane back yard -
tunnels through ferns and yellow jasmine vines, castles in the mango tree,
dungeons beneath the house, mulberries, loquats and mangoes, bows made from
bamboo and arrow-heads cut with kitchen scissors from the sheathsof palm
trees. I also remember flying to the stars on the skeleton of a rusty plough
in the middle of a paddock of dry, blonde grass... I think i like it because
it falls somewhere between acting and living. Best of both worlds? And
imaginations can be just as active when sitting in chairs rolling dice.

Hve blásnautt er hjarta sem einskis saknar.
How destitute is a heart that misses nothing.
       - Ýmir, Einar Benediktsson
Kathleen Jennings
s368333 at

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