Titles (was Re: report on recommended reading)

Ania theania at freeuk.com
Fri Aug 16 16:55:11 EDT 2002

> I picked up Julian May's Galactic Milieu trilogy just
> because of the titles.  _Magnificat_, which I
> associated with cats rather than Latin, I'm afraid.
> But it was mostly _Jack the Bodiless_ which intrigued
> me.  And the idea that there was a character referred
> to as _Diamond Mask_.  And I liked Jack and Dorothy,
> but Marc Remillard disturbed me and I quickly became
> impatient with the narrator, Uncle Rogi.

I love the whole series and reread it regularly. I also finally got round to
her Rampart Worlds trilogy and am reading vol. 3. Not as good as the Exiles
and Galactic Milieu, though not bad at all.

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