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On Fri, 16 Aug 2002 15:27:49 -0400, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:

>Okay, weird question...I know we've discussed this before, but how many 
>people on the list RP.  I know *I'm* off to a Vampire LARP tonight, And 
>Dorian just said she RPs and someone else (Deborah?) mentioned D&D before. 
>So how many is it?

Jacob already said that we both do, of course.  I know I came to it through
fantasy and science fiction reading, but in high school (I think I said this
before) the other people who were doing it were residents of Weirdsville and
I felt extremely uncomfortable joining their game.  (And the DM kept trying
to hit on me and give my character gifts.  If he hadn't looked so much like
Franz, it would still have been creepy.)  So I didn't really get
into it until I met Jacob in college; he was in a long-running group and
invited me to come along.  The group is still around, though with major
fluctuations in attendance and membership, and we reconnected with them when
we moved back here three years ago.  We play on Saturdays and have gone
through a lot of different RPG systems over the years, though right now it's
basic D&D 3E.  I miss "Paranoia" myself and would love to give the new d20
Call of Cthulhu rules a try.

Being somewhat of a stealth-fan--i.e. never attending cons, no connections
to public RPG groups, don't haunt the comics shop--I always wonder how many
more of me there are out there.  I think if you look just at the obvious
core of fandom, the percentage of gamers is really high, but I couldn't
begin to estimate what that percentage is or how much it drops if you
include all people who read SF/F.  I do know that probably 99% of the fans I
know say they've at least *tried* roleplaying at some time.

Melissa Proffitt

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