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> Okay, weird question...I know we've discussed this before, but how many
> people on the list RP.  I know *I'm* off to a Vampire LARP tonight, And
> Dorian just said she RPs and someone else (Deborah?) mentioned D&D before.
> So how many is it?  Those of you that do it, did you get introduced to the
> world of RPGs through fantasy?  If not do you feel they're connected?
> Anyone want to give an estimate on the percent of sf/f readers who
> role-play...or vice versa?

I didn't play at all in my teens (no on else I knew was interested in sf/f
or any lated stuff). I only tied RPing a couple of times in my twenties, the
first two were one-timers that were organized by friends just to show how
one plays. In the last couple of years, a friend has a GM in a Mage: the
Ascension campaign (he and his girlfriend are long-time players who asked if
I would be interested in a game for just a few friends.). Still, it's been
at least half a year since we last played, and at the moment I can't
remember anything about what happened on our last gaming session....


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