Roleplaying, was RE: I'm back!

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Fri Aug 16 15:27:49 EDT 2002

>This is me in
>costume at a Live Role-Playing Event last summer.  (Heading off >next
>Thursday to the same event this year!)
Okay, weird question...I know we've discussed this before, but how many 
people on the list RP.  I know *I'm* off to a Vampire LARP tonight, And 
Dorian just said she RPs and someone else (Deborah?) mentioned D&D before. 
So how many is it?  Those of you that do it, did you get introduced to the 
world of RPGs through fantasy?  If not do you feel they're connected?
Anyone want to give an estimate on the percent of sf/f readers who 
role-play...or vice versa?

Rebecca D. Ganetzky
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