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on 15.8.2002 11:22, Hallie O'Donovan at hallieod at wrote:
> First wonderful one was _War for the Oaks_.  I'd never heard of Emma
> Bull before mentions here, but have been very actively searching for
> anything of hers since Dorian lent me _Falcon_, which I loved.  WftO
> was way up there on my short-list of favourite reads this year.

I read this for the first time this year as well. Alexlit had been
recommending it for ages and I'd also seen mentions of it in other places.
I  like urban fantasy (of all definitions :)) in general and I understand
this book is one of the earlies examples of the genre in the form written by
Lackey, de Lint, Bull, etc.

> Then I found _Sky Coyote_, by Kage Baker, about which I had recently
> asked, and which Melissa recommended.  I also loved that - a bit to
> my own bemusement, as having a description of the time/place settings
> of the first two Company books, and the main character of each, I'd
> never have thought it'd be SC that would be the hands-down favourite.

I haven't read any of the "Company" novels, but I've bought and read all the
short stories available at Fictionwise (my latest addiction - see I know that an acquaintance has at least some of the
books, so I should probably ask him if I can borrow them.

> Back to the good stuff.  Also got another couple of the Debra Doyle &
> James McDonald Mageworld series, which I didn't discover on the list,
> but just came up recently in the fanfic discussion, right?

I was a huge Star Wars fan as a teen (though I have to admit that I still
haven't seen Episode II, because I *know* it will be a awful...) and I still
like good space opera. This series and Sharon Lee& Steve Miller's Liaden
book are my favourites of the science fiction/fantasy(/romance) crossover

> Tarja, you were the (first I remember) other Martha Wells fan on the
> list, right?  I *still* think the ending of _City of Bones_ is a
> let-down, but other than that...  (Yes, Dorian, these are going
> straight to you next, if you were going to ask.)

Yup, that's me. If you interested, there is already an excerpt (two first
chapters) of Wizard Hunters, the next Ile Rien book, online at Martha
Wells's homepage at

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