Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Aug 16 10:00:53 EDT 2002

Kyla wrote:

>  > Also found _Bone Dance_ by EB, which was well weird, and less
>  > comfortably enjoyable to read than WftO, but I also liked a lot.
>>  (And a very appropriate cover-pic, as so very rarely happens.)
>Clearly I should read War for the Oaks, since that was pretty much what I
>thought of Bone Dance. Was the cover you had the one with the person on
>the front with short dark hair and big black sunglasses? Because yes, I
>thought it was appropriate. The book also made me think a fair bit about
>what I assume about a narrator. Interesting, definitely.

Yes, that's the one.  I don't want to do spoilers here, but also 
agree with your next comment about the narrator assumptions.  I was - 
well, on the wrong track, but also kind of getting it, which probably 
sounds meaningless, but is the only way I can think of to describe 
it.  And I found it interesting, but also emotionally involving, 
don't know if you felt the same.


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