Titles (was Re: report on recommended reading)

Kale kaledann at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 15 17:21:22 EDT 2002

--- Kathleen Jennings <s368333 at student.uq.edu.au>
> > Kale wrote:
> > Helene Hanff's _84, Charing Cross Road_, the
> wonder of
> > it is that I usually get the title right.
> And it's sequel: _The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street_

I know.  I have the other books, too: _Q's Legacy_,
_Apple of My Eye_, _Letters From New York_.  _84_ is
still my favorite.  Oh, it's so much fun.

> And Leo Marks' _Between Silk and Cyanide_ which has
> ties to both of the
> above. And is a very good book - the first
> autobiography I have enjoyed
> reading - and not just enjoyed: chuckled, laughed
> and wept over. Leo Marks
> (son of the proprietor of 84 Charing Cross Rd) was a
> code writer for the
> British during WW2, and the book is the story of
> that time. Highly
> recommended!

This, I didn't know about.  Thank you for the
recommendation, and I will be looking it up.

(who has been keeping notes on list recommendations
for future reference)

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