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Wed Aug 14 21:48:32 EDT 2002

Kale wrote:

~massive snip~

> Not to mention our honorable herm, Bel Thorne.  I
> wonder when the hermaphrodites were first mentioned...

Actually, I think hermaphrodites were first mentioned in "Shards of
Honor". Cordelia says "... Steady Freddy can put on falsies and go woo
the hermaphrodite vote in Quartz." That's quoted from "Cordelia's Honor"
but I don't think there were any major changes made between it and the
original text. So, unlike the quaddies and Athosians, the hermaphrodites
weren't introduced in later books. Bujold never delved into any
particular -details- about the Betan minority in her first book, so she
may not have had them worked out quite in the way we see them when
direct references are made to Bel Thorne's rather unique anatomy, but
they were there. And their gender's creation can be assumed to be
similar to the quaddies in developement . . . Although who knows.
There's nothing saying the herms couldn't have been developed and
implanted in a real Betan woman. Without the issue of slavery involved,
as it is for the quaddies, I don't think it's ever been stated that they
needed the uterine replicators.

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