OT: Bujold uterine replicators (Was Re: Re Newest Bujold, Big Spoilers

Kale kaledann at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 21:34:25 EDT 2002

--- Ven <vendersleighc at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Melissa wrote about uterine replicators


> it.  (Did you also notice that the social 
> implications changed from _Shards
> of Honor_, in which the U.R. is unique and used 
> rarely on Beta Colony, to
> _Barrayar_ where suddenly it's the hip thing to 
> do and everyone's doing it,
> and if only we had galactic technology on dear 
> old Barrayar?  Somewhere in
> those five years she changed her mind.  Hmmmmm.)>

Are you sure you meant to say "used rarely on Beta
Colony"?  The copy I'm quoting from is the omnibus,
_Cordelia's Honor_, but remember in _Shards of Honor_
when the uterine replicators first landed into the
Barrayaran's hands courtesy of the Komarrans?  "They
use them all the time at home," is what Cordelia says
when Aral is marvelling over them in a deeply troubled
way.  So I'll have to ask for textev that explicitly
states that UR technology is unique and not widely
used galactically.  (Even though the UR itself is an
expensive piece of equipment, why would any one
individual want to *own* one when they just need it
for nine months or so?)  

> I think this was for plot reasons, the UR was
> what made possible the society of Athos, the
> Quaddies, the Jacksonians and the Cetagandans
> would be possible without the uterine replicator
> so she made it's use a galactic commonplace .

Not to mention our honorable herm, Bel Thorne.  I
wonder when the hermaphrodites were first mentioned...


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