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Wed Aug 14 20:06:49 EDT 2002

--- Caleb W <scalebw at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Some more cool titles, not all of which I've read
> and not all of which are
> as interesting when you find out what they mean:

I've lost track of the discussion, so I'll no doubt
come up with duplicate titles.

> Lots of Douglas Adams titles - The Salmon of Doubt,
> The Hitchhiker's Guide
> to the Galaxy etc.

Indeed.  My favorite is a Dirk Gently novel called
_The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul_.  I bought it
because of the title, but kept reading after the first
line, "It can hardly be a coincidence that no language
on Earth has ever produced the expression 'As pretty
as an airport.'"  My favorite Hitchhiker book is
_Life, the Universe, and Everything_ for the flying
and the petunia.

> The Boy Who Reversed Himself. I saw this in the

This sounds like a William Sleator title.  He wrote
_Fingers_ which, IIRC, is the one about the child
prodigy with the hands of a famous composer/pianist
kept in formaldehyde.  I wish I could remember the

Gordon Korman has some nice titles.  _A Semester in
the Life of a Garbage Bag_ and _Son of Interflux_ are
my favorites.  

There's Madeleine L'Engle's _A Wrinkle in Time_ and _A
Swiftly Tilting Planet_.

Helene Hanff's _84, Charing Cross Road_, the wonder of
it is that I usually get the title right.  

And from our own DWJ, _Eight Days of Luke_, _Howl's
Moving Castle_, and _Fire and Hemlock_.

I picked up Julian May's Galactic Milieu trilogy just
because of the titles.  _Magnificat_, which I
associated with cats rather than Latin, I'm afraid. 
But it was mostly _Jack the Bodiless_ which intrigued
me.  And the idea that there was a character referred
to as _Diamond Mask_.  And I liked Jack and Dorothy,
but Marc Remillard disturbed me and I quickly became
impatient with the narrator, Uncle Rogi.

The coolest title, IMO, is Philip K. Dick's _Do
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep_.  I finally read it
the other day, and I realized that the title
encapsulates the theme of the book quite nicely.  

(who just finished Caroline Stevermer's _College of Magics_)

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