Re re recomended books

Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Aug 14 18:53:37 EDT 2002

Melissa wrote

<What surprised me about this list, back when we 
did the "which authors and
books do you like best" thing, was how much 
commonality there was in reading
tastes, as well as how much difference of 
opinion.  Ven, for example, likes
a lot of books that are totally different from 
ones I like, to the point
that I wonder how we can possibly BOTH like Diana

Wynne Jones!  (This is
what makes her so much fun to talk to and 
occasionally argue with.) > 

And this surprised me a bit because I hadn't
thought our tastes differ that much. Though I too
 enjoy a good clash of minds with Melissa (and
anyone else going) now and again. Which books do
I like that you don't Melissa? Can we get a good
argument out of this?! After the fun we had with
Jane Austen last year It would be nice to be on
the defense team.


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