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Wed Aug 14 14:46:53 EDT 2002

Melissa wrote about uterine replicators

<That's always bugged me too.  It's all about the

benefits to the mothers,
but (as you say) no one ever talks about what 
happens to the babies.  Except
for the one line in _Barrayar_ where Cordelia 
points out that *she* came out
of a uterine replicator and also says something 
about her brother's
co-parent having all of hers in vivo, and there's

no difference.  But that's
it.  (Did you also notice that the social 
implications changed from _Shards
of Honor_, in which the U.R. is unique and used 
rarely on Beta Colony, to
_Barrayar_ where suddenly it's the hip thing to 
do and everyone's doing it,
and if only we had galactic technology on dear 
old Barrayar?  Somewhere in
those five years she changed her mind.  Hmmmmm.)>

I think this was for plot reasons, the UR was
what made possible the society of Athos, the
Quaddies, the Jacksonians and the Cetagandans
would be possible without the uterine replicator
so she made it's use a galactic commonplace .

As to Barrayar you could view it as an example of
the rapid rate of cultural change in those years,
But I don't think she has worked through the
transition very well.

I googled this issue on rec arts written. Among
those concerned about the implications to the
bonding process was someone who thought it would
be too easy to get a child and then grow bored
and throw it out like a Christmas puppy (which
happens too often with natural births in any

*see the new autobiography by Paula Fox, which
I've seen an extract from -- her (married, well
off) abandoned her at a children's home shortly
after her birth, then took her from loving foster
parents at age six, only to rapidly tire mof her
once more.


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