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Mon Aug 12 13:00:15 EDT 2002

<< That's just it.  I'd like to see the conflict come up, but it's never
mentioned.  It's not a conflict, even.  Where's the reactionary "Mothers
With Wombs" group picketing Vorhartung Castle for their reproductive rights? 

Probably the same place as the La Leche League was in the 1950s. (How the 
hell many baby boomers were ever breast fed? Damn few, actually. At least 
this side of the pond. It wasn't the thing to do. It wasn't "modern" or 
"scientific" enough.) They were probably out there, but who heard of them. At 
some points in a cycle poeple don't automatically assume that you have to go 
out and pubically protest everything you don't agree with. You have spokesmen 
(and they usally are men at that point in the cycle) write learned articles 
and publish them in medical journals that no normal person ever reads.
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