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Fri Aug 9 04:47:01 EDT 2002

---Original Message From: Robyn Starkey
> >I've always assumed that to qualify as a Uterine
> *Replicator* it had to
> >include a component of sound and touch.  Certainly possible.
>  You could
> >use recording and voice simulation, or you could go further and have
> >the mother implanted with a sensor for sound and motion that is then
> >replicated (with filters for the extremes) within the U.R.
> Since the
> >U.R. isn't ever described in exhaustive detail, I'm just as happy
> >giving it all the features I'd want for it.  It *does* make for an
> >interesting discussion of possible model
> differentiation--"Buy the U.R.
> >Elite R20 for the *full* Uterine experience--mother implant
> optional."
> This is an interesting thought. For me, the minimal
> description of the UR
> has always tended to imply that it didn't have all these
> optional extras.
> The description of its size tends to imply there isn't much
> in terms of
> added extras - and the maintenance descriptions focus on
> nutrient levels
> and nothing else. Also, it is described as pretty solid in
> *preventing*
> movement to the fetus inside.

Oh, I didn't mean that I was *right*.  I only mean that this is how I
read it--sometimes in the face of contradicting phraseology.  Heck, most
of those extras I mentally add are technology *we* have.  Sound and
movement (preventing or initiating) are a cinch compared to nutrient

Jacob Proffitt

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