Re Newest Bujold, Big Spoilers

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Aug 9 00:34:22 EDT 2002

>I've always assumed that to qualify as a Uterine *Replicator* it had to
>include a component of sound and touch.  Certainly possible.  You could
>use recording and voice simulation, or you could go further and have the
>mother implanted with a sensor for sound and motion that is then
>replicated (with filters for the extremes) within the U.R.  Since the
>U.R. isn't ever described in exhaustive detail, I'm just as happy giving
>it all the features I'd want for it.  It *does* make for an interesting
>discussion of possible model differentiation--"Buy the U.R. Elite R20
>for the *full* Uterine experience--mother implant optional."

This is an interesting thought. For me, the minimal description of the UR 
has always tended to imply that it didn't have all these optional extras. 
The description of its size tends to imply there isn't much in terms of 
added extras - and the maintenance descriptions focus on nutrient levels 
and nothing else. Also, it is described as pretty solid in *preventing* 
movement to the fetus inside.


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