Re Newest Bujold, Big Spoilers

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Aug 8 20:10:28 EDT 2002

> I actually think having a uterine replicator would solve a number of
> problems

A strap-on, so the baby could hear heartbeats and feel movement, but so I
wouldn't have been so &*(&^%$ sick for 9 months! (I started throwing up at 6
weeks and continued feeling sick long after the births - psychosomatic? Had
my body got so used to feeling deathly ill (like, crying with misery...)
that it couldn't get used to being well again?

I would never have *not* had my children - love 'em to bits - but my
pregnancies were like marathon bouts of combined food poisoning and flu with
clinical malnutrition thrown in.

Sallyo - feeling queasy at the thought, 18 years after the event!

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