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On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 19:05:18 -0700 (PDT), Ven wrote:

>Melissa wrote 
>>I agree that _Diplomatic Immunity_ doesn't have 
>the heft of its immediate
>predecessors.  What I disagree about is the idea 
>that it's a step backwards.
>As I look at the series, she's consistently had 
>some books that were less
>complex than others.  _Komarr_, which I loved, 
>isn't nearly the book that
>_Memory_ is, for example.> 
>While I agree that DI isn't actually a step
>backwards I don't think it's anywhere near the
>book that Komarr is. Komarr has a far greater
>emotional kick and a far more compelling plot.

I certainly agree with you, but it's not really the issue at hand.  It's not
whether _Diplomatic Immunity_ is better or worse than _Komarr_, it's whether
_Komarr_ is a better book than _Memory_ (or _Mirror Dance_ or whatever else
you want to compare it to).  My point, in summary, is that along the course
of the series there have been any number of outstanding books that were
followed by ones that weren't as powerful.  So it's premature to judge the
direction of the series based on the less-than-stellar _DI_.

>Good point about the way the series varies
>(except that Mirror Dance and Memory are

Right, and since I realized this in particular was a good example of not
following the pattern, I tried to suggest that it wasn't so much the
individual book as a dramatic point in the series (mainly because I tend to
think of _Mirror Dance_ and _Memory_ as two parts of a whole).  But I think
it's really more accurate to say that the progress of the series has never
been in a perfectly smooth upward curve.

>What bothers me is that when series
>turn into family saga it's hard to steer between
>the improbably perfect family and the one where
>your favourite characters have to turn into the
>new generation's "bad parents".

I am really, really hoping she can figure out a happy medium on this.  She's
always been so good with characters that I want to anticipate finding out
what kind of children the twins are (and will there eventually be more
little Vorkosigans running around?).

Melissa Proffitt

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