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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Thu Aug 8 06:44:38 EDT 2002

> I've now read Eight Days of Luke. I liked it. But I find 
> myself probing my friends' knowledge of Norse mythology before
recommending it 
> to them ("What do you know about a chap called Sigurd? Who are the Norns, 
> other than in Tad Williams?"). I sort of feel like I needed to have made
an in 
> depth study of the myths about three years ago and then forgotten enough
> be gradually and pleasantly surprised. 

I think it's a bit like the Reduced Shakespeare Company- it's good on one
level, and then it gets better the more you know. I probably didn't get all
the references, having just read a few "Norse Tales" type things as a child,
but that made it feel pleasantly mysterious rather than getting a pleasant
shock of recognition.

I'm going on holidays for a couple of weeks so I'm going to unsubscribe
myself tomorrow and rejoin when I get back. I hope you'all have lots of
interesting discussions that I can read on the webpage and be sorry I
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