Wolves (spoilers for everything after Dido and Pa)

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On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:

> It is strongly insinuated in _Cold Shoulder Road_ that Simon will marry
> Dido.  By this stage Simon is king, and that fulfills the prophecy in _Dido
> and Pa_ that has Dido with a crown.
Aha. I'd forgotten about the prophecy, and was still going on Dido saying
that she couldn't marry a duke, and extrapolating that she'd be even less
likely to marry a king, but I won't object to Dido and Simon getting
together. :^)

> And that is another thing that irritated me!  Simon getting to be king!  All
> the foiling of plots they did to keep the current dynasty on the throne,
> then the heir goes off and stupidly gets himself killed!  Grrrrr!!!
I know. I kept on thinking, "No, David's going to just turn
up! Really!" Couldn't everyone just have had more children? Sheesh. The
irresponsibility of it all. ;^)

But I do think that the there's something severely off about the timeline
between _Dido and Pa_ and _Is Underground_. The king is not yet married in
D&P, although we do see the woman who will be his wife. And Is, while
little, isn't, like, a toddler. The king's son, however, in IU, is old
enough to do whatever he does, and he sounds like he's at least 10 or
so; but that would make Is at least 15 or so, which is wrong.

> The tunnel and where the wolves came from is mentioned in a note at the
> start of _Wolves_.
Okay, I believe you, but my copy, which is what I've been reading for the
last 5-10 years, has absolutely nothing about it, no notes. The first I
heard of the tunnel was in one of the later books, which I read for the
first time in July.

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