Lathe of Heaven, was Re: F&H, Garner and False Messengers

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Thu Aug 1 09:24:24 EDT 2002

>> Kathleen, on Fire and Hemlock.
>> > And I haven't sorted the ending out
>> > fully in my head. Is this the book or me?
Sally, in response:
> It's very difficult to do so, I find. On a par with Tam Lin (Dean). Even
> Howl can be difficult to disentangle sometimes...
[in a blatant attempt to unite her cry for help with a pre-existing 
thread]: I read Fire and Hemlock at least once a year (Hallowe'en) and find 
the ending much, much more confusing than that of either Howl or Tam Lin, 
or for that matter nearly any book I've ever read.  I have now found a book 
that, to me at least, rivals F&H in confusing endings: _Lathe of Heaven_, 
Ursula le Guin.  Now, it may be me (first le Guin book I ever read, and I 
finished it around 2 or 2:30 am) but I have been really struggling to 
figure out the ending (it doesn't help that I had to mail the book back to 
WI for my friend to pack for college the next day) So....Help?  Anyone?
Rebecca D. Ganetzky
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