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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Mon Apr 29 08:08:29 EDT 2002

Someone must have given me Charmed Life, but it seems like it's been on my
bookshelf forever. I know I read two or three of her other books as a child,
Ogre Downstairs and a couple of others, because when I read Howl as a
teenager and went through the library for all the other ones they had some
of them were familiar.
Melissa wrote:
> It occurs to me that I found all of my most favorite authors and books
> because of the recommendations of only three people: 

Until I was about 20 my family were the only ones who recommended things,
because I'd read more than anyone else I met! Then I found how much fun it
was to hang around with book-lovers I hadn't met, and I've found lots of
great books from the DWJ list, Terry Pratchett fans, and random fan
websites. It's still rare to have a RL person recommend something. Though I
do find coincidences strike- when I was thinking of reading The Thief
because people here said how great it was, I saw another passing reference
online to a good author called Megan Turner, and an old friend said she was
enjoying a sort of odd fantasy thing, or maybe it was about the Greek gods.
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