Diane Duane

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk
Mon Apr 29 07:55:22 EDT 2002

> > I gave up on her some time back. The ideas are OK, but not 
> > interesting enough for me to persist with the style and characters. Each

> > to his/her own, however.
> I wonder why someone doesn't Edit Her!

I read the first few of the Wizardry series as a teenager and liked them,
but find I've grown out of them- I looked at the newest one and decided I
couldn't be bothered. The Book of Night With Moon was fun but I didn't like
the second one as much. They seem a bit clunky, I get what you mean about
the ideas being better than the writing, though the style doesn't bother me
as much as you. 
The Door series I love. I find one bit slightly implausible- a problem
resolved as soon as the reason is found, like the geas-removing part in
YotG- but otherwise I adore them. Possibly the world-building and characters
blind me to stylistic flaws, but I have never noticed any- I find them very
flowing to read. (Gritting my teeth waiting for Door Into Starlight). Have
you seen them?
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