greek in ogre downstairs

Venkarel venkarel.geo at
Sat Apr 27 13:51:21 EDT 2002

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> Venkarel asked...


> It's easy enough to translate if you have a
> greek/english alphabet
> list, and bear in mind that it appears to be
> phonetically-spelled
> Cockney!  (I've dispensed with the Cockney in the
> above!)

Thank you, Dorian.  I'd always meant to get my own
copy of the book, but since I kept hearing about the
"crap edition", as Christian dubbed it, I wasn't sure
what to get.  I'll put the new US edition on my
wishlist now.  The Ogre is one of my favorite DWJ
parent characters, right up there with Mig's mom from
_Aunt Maria_.

I wonder if there's an easier way of getting my hands
on the Chivers audio version of _Wild Robert_ other
than special ordering it through  It was
one of the few audiobooks I really enjoyed.


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