How we discovered DWJ

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> Then I started using the internet and nearly died of anticipation when I
> realised there were MORE books! I have most of them now, and sometimes
> stand in front of my bookcase gloating (although I like to consider myself
> non-materialistic!) :)

I have the Dalemark books, and a 2nd hand copy of "Wilkins's Tooth", but
largely I get them through the library.The pitfall of this, though, is that
when I borrow an excellent book, I want my own copy but can't justify
spending the money when I can just nip to the library to borrow it again.
For example, I've borrowed "Father Time" by Lance Parkin _again_, and have
resolved to make sure I actually buy his next book since all of his books
that I've read are, in my humble opinion, excellent. Diana Wynne Jones is on
my list of "buy, not borrow" authors as far as new books go - roll on "The
Merlin Conspiracy"!
Caleb W.

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