greek in ogre downstairs

Venkarel venkarel.geo at
Sat Apr 27 01:01:54 EDT 2002

Heh, I kept meaning to ask this since I read The Ogre
Downstairs.  It was about a certain amount of Greek
dialogue near the end of the book; I'd always wanted
to know what was being said.  

Neil Gaiman is reading the book to his daughter and he
mentioned in his journal (which I read so often, my
fingers type in the URL automatically, Apr 25, 11
am)  that when he tried to sound out the Greek words,
he realized that it was actually English, and
colloquial English at that.  Which is reassuring, but
as I am not overly familiar with the conversion of
Greek to Roman alphabet, still leaves me clueless as
to the dialogue.  (That the book is now back at the
library doesn't help me.)

Did anyone ever translate this segment?

(who is going to switch e-mail addresses and 'net
handle soon)

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