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Fri Apr 26 15:37:09 EDT 2002

Jennifer wrote:
> Um. Worth buying, but not for a lot of money, unless you really           
> really love HHG. The actors who play Trillian and Zaphod aren't           
> very good, nor are the special effects. There are animations              
> showing entries in the Guide, and they are terrific, and the guy          
> who does Arthur is good, but otherwise the radio show knocks spots        
> off this.                                                                 
Another potentially relevant consideration is that the series               
[has recently been|is about to be] released on DVD.                         

Thanks for the opinions. I think this catalogue is offering the DVD as
well, but I am so technologically behind (and broke) that I don't yet own
a DVD player.  But since the complete Second Season of both Buffy and The
Simpsons are coming out soon only on DVD, I may have to break down and
join the 20th century two years too late...


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