_The Armourer's House_ (Was: Re: How we discovered DWJ)

catherine wright crachelwright at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 25 12:25:47 EDT 2002

 --- Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at indigo.ie> wrote: > >
I assume you don't mean that you can't find your
> copy of it?  It was 
> in print at least a few years ago, as I got a copy
> then.  I really 
> love it and _The Queen Elizabeth Story_.  If you
> can't find a copy of 
> TAH to read, I could easily loan ours, and might
> even find you one in 
> Oxfam or our fete or someplace - I'm sure I've seen
> it from time to 
> time.

Oooh, how kind - thank you very much for the offer! I
will be keeping my eyes peeled myself - since it
sounds as though it's not as impossible to find as I
thought - but if I don't have any luck, I might well
take you up on this.

Thanks again!


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