Diane Duane

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 24 21:49:49 EDT 2002

>Well, I don't think Duane is to everyone's taste, but I've always
>liked her.  I'm not sure that _A Wizard Abroad_ is the best book
>to start with, if you're just investigating her.

I have read several of her books before, the previous 3 Wizard ones, and 
two about cat wizards. I was commenting on her use of language, actually, 
if you read what I said. The comment I made about A Wizard Abroad I would 
apply to her other books, too. She has interesting enough ideas that I keep 
trying her books, but her use of language is awkward at best. I guess I 
find it kind of bizarre that she writes as if she is hammering things with 
a sledghammer, all clunky, yet her ideas are intricate and elegant. Most 
writers who have that calibre of ideas are a lot more accomplished at 
expressing them.


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