japanese edition -- magicians of caprona

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 24 07:24:18 EDT 2002

don't believe i've posted about this one before, but as usual i'm back to 
bring everyone's attention to the latest japanese edition of DWJ's work.

this time it's magicians of caprona. they seem to be tearing through the 
chrestomanci books in japan as well, probably trying to ride the harry 
potter publicity just like the US and british publishers. amazon.co.jp is 
all about the HP DVD at the moment as well.


another nice cover. i want to get my hands on these editions, and try 
reading them once i get further along with the language.

the title is 'toniino no utau mahou' which is i guess something like 
'tonino's magical singing' .. my grammar is kind of weak. again, i don't see 
why they don't just go with the titles DWJ gave them.. but at least they 
print the real title along the bottom of the cover. =)

if they translate mixed magics then they'll have all of the chrestomanci 

i'm eager to see if they start to pursue her other works, now that they've 
got all of the chrestomanci and howl books out.


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