How we discovered DWJ

Satu S Hlinovsky skanervi at
Wed Apr 24 01:47:57 EDT 2002

Like Tarja, I discovered DWJ while I was still too young (or rather - too
little educated) to read books in any other language than Finnish. When I
was seven or so, my darling daddy gave me Charmed life as a birthday
present. He was really good at finding books to my taste. I really loved
the book - and reread several times. It took some time before any other books
by DWJ were translated, and even now there aren't more than (if I remember
correctly) four that have been translated.
When my english got better I started readeing DWJ in the original
language. What joy! There were so many of them! The only problem was that
not many of them could be found in Finnish libraries, so I had to start
buying them. And many of them were pretty old and out of print. It is so
nice that so many reprints have come out during the last couple of years.
But there are still some that I haven't had a chance to read.


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