Diane Duane

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 23 19:27:10 EDT 2002

I know some people on the list like Duane. I just read a Wizard Abroad, and 
I wanted to say that while I think her story ideas are interesting, I found 
the book really hard going. This was for two reasons, but the second is 
dependant on the first, I think. That is, she seems to have a real struggle 
with language. I know that's an odd thing to say about a writer, but her 
use of language is so clunky at times it is just painful. Almost every 
sentence has a phrase or word that sticks out to me, making me think, 'that 
could be better expressed'. The other problem is that I really can't like 
Nita. She comes off as kind of dumb and annoying, which is not how I think 
a character with her wizardly powers should be. I was thinking about why 
this is, and it is partly that there is a lot of Nita's internal thought 
processes in the book, and this tends to be even more badly expressed than 
the rest of the writing. I also really hate the names Nita and Dairine, 
which for some reason makes it harder for me to like the characters.

On the plus side, I really liked her ideas about Ireland, and how she fit 
existing mythology into her magic world view.


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