How we discovered DWJ

christian nutt ferricide at
Mon Apr 22 18:12:11 EDT 2002

>From: Paul Andinach
>What's it look like?

not that one. i just scanned it, because it's worth seeing. it's a very 
large image, and it's also sort of clumsily edited together because of the 
size of my scanner (small.)

anyway, it's 227k, but...

>Still my favourite CL cover, that one, although it could be just the
>nostalgia talking.

and mine is my favorite cover. =) and, of course, it could also be the 
nostalgia. i love the very 70sness of it though. this looks to be the first 
US edition, from 1977. i bought it on a remainder table in a kmart in 1989. 
go figure.


ps: the hexwood author's note, which is omitted from the PB editions, is 
hanging out in that 'misc' dir too. so if you chop off charmed.jpg you can 
find it. along with other, utterely DWJ-unrelated images. =)

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