How we discovered DWJ

Emma Comerford s369161 at
Sun Apr 21 04:13:02 EDT 2002

I simply picked LoCC off the public library shelf - I can't remember why
becasue I can't see either the cover or the title appealing to the 11 year
old me. I loved it and soon found Howl, Fire and Hemlock, Ogre, Archer's
Goon (but then it was lost! I only reread it when I bough a copy last
year!) and other classics. I also found Homeward Bounders at my high school
library and once again was enthralled.
It may have been Tale of time city I read first though, as it took me ages
to figure out it was by the smae author! I have no idea why.
Interestingly enough (seeing as it was the first of many others on the
survey) I didn't read Charmed life until I was about 17 and my school
library acquired a copy.
And like someone else mentioned, I thought then that this was all DWJ had
written. For no good reason.
Then I started using the internet and nearly died of anticipation when I
realised there were MORE books! I have most of them now, and sometimes just
stand in front of my bookcase gloating (although I like to consider myself
non-materialistic!) :)

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