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Sat Apr 20 14:38:33 EDT 2002

<< PS: i find the art for DWJ's books mostly disappointing. >>

You and everybody else!

I rather like some of the covers on the US editions that have been comming 
out to ride Harry Potter's coattails. Particularly the Chrestomancy pbs with 
the cats.

But I've got pretty much everything in HB finally, and don't display the 
dustjackets. Unless it's behind a sealed, clear "library" cover. (the loose 
ones are put away in a closet -- or even tossed by now. Most of them were 
hideous examples of an art style that I don't like even when it's done well.) 
The bindings are pretty well fingermarked and all, but that just makes them 
look well-used.

I am waffling over getting a US edition of Mixed Magics while it is still 
available, since mine has the ugly UK cover. And my copy of Warlock at the 
Wheel also has an illustrated hardboard cover, but at least that one is less 
ugly than most. (Rather pleasing, actually. Collens, 1984 edition)
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