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Sat Apr 20 22:18:14 EDT 2002

Dorian put these two into one handy message:

> Kylie asked...
> > How did other people make the discovery?

When I was thirteen or so, I bought a couple of translated books from 
the local remaindered-books outlet for one guilder each: _The 
Spellcoats_ and _Cart and Cwidder_ (and I think some things by Tanith 
Lee as well). I think I'd had _Eight Days of Luke_ from the school 
library earlier, but that wasn't as memorable as those two in spite of 
the truly awful translations.

Later, much later, I was in love with someone who had the Puffin _Power 
of Three_ in the bookcase. I know I should have stolen it when we broke 
up (the person in question still has some books of mine that I don't 
want to go and retrieve) because it took me ten years or more to find 
another copy, and that's the one with the awful cover.

When I found out that the author of _Power of Three_ was also the 
author of the other two, I went on a quest to buy everything she'd ever 
written, in the original. The only things I haven't got now are _Mixed 
Magics_ because I don't want to shell out twenty euros for two stories 
I already have and two new ones, and some of the ones for very young 
children because they're impossible to find on this side of the Little 

> ...and then Christian asked...
> > PS: i'll fire back a survey question. since i brought up 'warlock
> > at the wheel,' what's everyone's favorite DWJ short story? 

"What the cat told me". But, like Dorian, I much prefer the novels.


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