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Madeline "Flourish" flourish at
Fri Apr 19 23:26:48 EDT 2002

>> i picked out lives of christopher chant despite the cover
>> illustration. i can't find it online, but it goes along with this
>> edition of charmed life, and is similar but actually *worse*. (it
>> depicts christopher's first meeting with dr. pawson, without any of
>> the visual excitement you might expect. maybe they were trying to go
>> for christopher's 'vague' look.)
> Pardon me, but that was the first copy of any DWJ book I ever read.
> I still have that copy and treasure it greatly!  And I like the
> artwork, so be nice to it (just kidding...mostly)

I started with the same Lives of Christopher Chant cover - but I like that
cover illustration. Better, anyway, than the new US paperbacks that are out!
I was very ill when I was about 6 years old and my father brought back Lives
of Christopher Chant for me to read (rather apropos, eh?) - although I might
have been closer to 8; I was ill a lot when I was younger. That book is
almost as beat up now as my copy of Crown of Dalemark. Both of them are only
held together by duct tape. The pages have fallen out in clumps, so not only
are they taped into the binding, they also have to be taped together with
clear packing tape. I just hope they last till there's some new US editions;
I can't seem to find any UK editions anywhere in Sacramento, CA, and I
haven't got a credit card to go online. Ah, the problems associated with
being a teenaged bibliophile!

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