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Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Apr 19 20:51:41 EDT 2002

My first DWJ I was 22 and still steeling myself
to visit the children's library (I'd never
stopped). I'd not been married long, we were both
unemployed and in the habit of trailing around
everywhere together. So there I was with a bag of
assorted books at this office where ex was having
a meeting about some voluntary work. The most
interesting book in the bag must have been Eight
Days Of Luke because I picked it out to read
first. About half way through I considered that
this was too good a book to be reading in such
dreary surroundings but it was quite impossible
to stop until I finished it. Over the next few
months I found Power of Three (which I didn't
like very much then) Drowned Ammet, The
Spellcoats, Cart and Cwidder and Charmed Life.
Just when I'd read them all loads of times up
popped Time of The Ghost and The Homeward
Bounders.  This was a very good thing as it was
during the loneliest, and brokest, summer I ever
spent (ex was in Holland, half my friends were in
Holland, none of my friends was in Sheffield and
the roleplaying group I had just joined only met
once a week). 

Writing about EDOL reminds me of the first time I
read Fire and Hemlock. I should say that I really
like the top of the stairs in my house, when I
first bought it I used to sit there, pretty much
in the centre of the house feeling this glorious
sense of possession. It was also Act 5 scene 5 of
my marriage (and about time too). So, I sat at
the top of the stairs, reading F+H in one
glorious go, throughout one night, getting to bed
way past dawn.  "Ha!" I thought I'm afraid.


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