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Fri Apr 19 19:56:30 EDT 2002

Somebody said
>Also, in Elizabeth Goudge's A Little
>White Horse (anyone detecting a theme?), in the 
new edition, Maria doesn't
>carry a reticule, she has a pocket. If you don't

know what a reticule is,
>surely you could look it up?  A pocket isn't the

same thing at all!

A reticule is a net bag. It always seemed rather
impractical to make evening bags out of net so
I've always wondered if they were lined and the
net purely decorative.

Emma said

<I've never met (well, talked to) anyone who has 
read this book! I remember
I refused to read it for years when I was little 
as it was a pink very
girly edition that had a stupid blurb. But I got 
sick of seeing it whenever
I went to the library, and read it and loved it!
I also found a nicer edition second hand later.>

I loved this book too. Were the geraniums red or
pink? It was a kid's TV series a while ago. They
filmed it in the Czech republic or maybe Poland
irrc so they had spectacularly beautiful
landscapes. I can't remeber anything about the
actors but I know that I enjoyed it.


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